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What a Difference a Few Hours Make!
October 27, 2017

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It is not unusual that we receive motors in poor condition.

This Small Dutymax was collected and in need of some urgent TLC.

This was no problem for Neu-Servo’s Servo engineers who were able to restore the motor back to its former glory in only a matter of hours.

This ensured that the customer was operational quickly but also has the added benefit of knowing that the motor is functioning like it was brand new.

We ensure that any repair carried out at Neu-servo is restored back to OEM standard … all repairs are tested functionally on our custom built test rigs to guarantee our repair.

All repairs carried out responsively 24/7 as part of our promise – ‘Responsive Service-Unique Expertise’

Find out more here: https://neuservo.com/servo-motor-repair/

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