What is Vibration Analysis?

Neu-Servo can offer a range of vibration analysis packages to customers.

These can be focused around your production so that they are not intrusive or preventative to your production planning.

Vibration analysis is a preventative and reactive measure against machine breakdown or failure.

The analysis works through the monitoring of rotating components and bearings in machinery.

These parts will generally vibrate as the machine works however, as the parts begin to wear the vibration and movement changes noticeably and distinctively. It is these changes that are detected through analysis.

Neu-servo’s vibration analysis devices use sensors such as accelerometers and tachometers these sensors are then able to provide data spectrum wave graphs.

Our team of experts can then analyse this data to establish whether there is any wear or damage within the machine as well as determining where the source of a problem lies.

Neu-Servo offers this service as part of our on-site support.

Why is This Important?

Down time in manufacturing is a disaster!

Through vibration analysis businesses can pre-plan maintenance of their machinery to eliminate any forced downtime.

Secondly, the method of discovery through this technique is far less costly than simple scheduled replacement. Currently many businesses have replacement schedules on their machines. This involves replacing all components and bearings whether they are worn or not.

This can be significantly more costly and inefficient as opposed to processes of identification of worn parts.

Finally, the most important reason for Vibration analysis is that it can eliminate the possibility of breakdowns which not only can cause the cost of downtime but also greater cost of repair to machinery.