What is Thermography?

Thermography analysis is a non intrusive method of examining whether there are any potential electrical faults within an electrical system.

This is a safe and preventative method that detects any potential breakdowns and fire hazards within a system.

The system works by showing heat displacement imagery when components are running. If a component is running hazardously or inefficiently it gives off a contrasting thermal profile to that of an efficient component.

Neu-Servo’s team of experts are able to interpret this information and provide cost effective solutions in order to improve the efficiency of your electronic equipment.

Why is Thermography Important?

Thermography is a low-cost method of reducing production downtime through preventative action.

Without the use of Thermography in their machine maintenance, companies could experience high level electronic faults as well as machine fires.

Both of these could lead to complete machine breakdowns or in some extreme cases de-commissioning of machinery that in turn would provide heavy cost in terms of replacement and repair, with excessive periods of downtime in production.