Encoder and Tacho Testing Facilities

In order to provide the most comprehensive repair service Neu-servo has Heidenhain encoder test equipment which enables us to test both linear and rotary encoders.

This acquisition provides manufacturer parameters of the encoders enabling us to quickly establish possible problems; correct these issues and load test the components under service conditions in order to guarantee repair.

Encoder/Linear Scale Repair and Replacement

Encoders act as the commutation and speed regulator of servo motors. It is for this reason that they form a vital translator of the drive and the motor in order to run the machine efficiently.

Knowledge of the relationship between motors and encoders is vital as incorrect alignment could lead to inefficiency of both the motor and the drive system.

Neu-servo offers a full repair facility of all types of encoders or if encoders are beyond repair an efficient replacement service.

Linear scales similarly to that of an encoder provide position along an axis of a CNC machine.

Neu-Servo are able to test, repair and program all different types of Linear scale responsively.

If a scale is beyond repair we are able to supply replacement units to customers swiftly.

Resolver Replacement

Neu-servo also has full resolver testing facilities and can quickly establish if there is a problem with a resolver.

Swift diagnosis allows for us to be able to replace any problematic resolver promptly.