Siemens Approved Repairs

We are the only UK Siemens Approved Servo Repair Partner….so what??

Well, here is the so what.

Detailed below are four cases on why using a Siemens approved repair partner is important as well as cost effective:

1 – This motor had suffered an Encoder failure. Any other company would have to return this to Siemens to get a new Encoder fitted as they are not supplied to the open market. This would not only add the cost and hassle of transport but also time. We however thanks to our friends at Siemens were able to acquire this Encoder, fit and close loop test the Servo quickly in order to get the customer running. This in turn prevented a line from being down which was critical in an automotive build process.

2 – What seemed like a simple fix turned into a bit of a nightmare for this customer. This motor had been sent away for a ‘simple fan change’ to a repair company. Unfortunately due to a inability to test and record the Encoder line-up on dismantle the motor was returned to the customer not working. We received the motor and were able to get it operational in minutes. Sadly if we would of received the motor first it would of been simple fix. Testing capability is vital on repair of Servo motors, we have the most extensive Siemens testing capability in the country.

3 – The new Drive Cliq generation of Servo Motors from Siemens requires encoders to be programmed rather than just simply fitting new replacements. Normally this would mean either ordering a pre-programmed Encoder on a few days lead-time or sending the unit back to Siemens for the motor to be programmed. This was a breakdown.
Due to our unique test capability we are able to programme the Encoders here. This lead to the customer receiving the motor back same day!

4 – Acquiring parts is something we can also assist with. This unit can be typically sourced by non approved companies within 8 months from Siemens. Due to our partnership we are able to source it in 2 days!

We believe its always important to use the right tools for the right job. Using a Siemens affiliated company for Siemens parts achieves that goal. Therefore if you are struggling with Siemens repair support its worth getting in touch, it could make a big difference!