Magnetism in a motor is a vital component for efficiency.

Should a motor lose its magnetism then the running speed, torque and current is affected. Speed is increased and torque reduced leading to an adverse effect on the drives that the motor runs. The drives current is increased and can lead to the motor running incorrectly.

This equals a highly inefficient output and could lead to motor and/or drive failure.

Neu–Servo technicians are able to provide a unique re-magnetisation service.

Our expert technicians re-magnetise motors using our specialist re-magnetising machine; this enables our technicians to regenerate motors back to the manufacturers specifications.

Stepper motor repair

Stepper motors are a brushless DC electric motor that uses magnetism to partition a full rotation into a number of equal steps. They provide a motion-control positioning system for small applications such as 3D printing, packaging machinery and on small axis CNC machining.

They are usually part of a digital control through an open loop system for use in holding or positioning applications.

Due to the nature of how they operate generally stepper motors fail due to loss of magnetism which starts to affect the motors ability to turn and position correctly.

Neu-Servo are able to completely re-magnetise stepper motors back to their OEM specifications whilst completely overhauling the unit to guarantee efficiency.