Neu-Servo's Sleigh Pulls into Worcestershire Children's Services - Neuservo

December 10, 2020

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It was a startling statistic when the Neu-Servo team discovered how many Children were living in extreme poverty and care in their local area. It was for this reason that the team decided that Worcestershire Children’s Services needed a helping hand at Christmas.

We could not bear the thought of a child waking up on Christmas day without a present to open. It is for this reason we decided to raid the Toy aisle in our local Home Bargains store to make sure this didn’t happen.

The result led to us being able to donate a truck load of toys to Worcestershire Children’s Services.

Group Manager Justine Bishop was more than happy to team up with us to ensure that these toys will be distributed to those most in need in the area.

We would like to thank Justine and the care workers at Worcestershire Children’s Services for their help as well as Store manager Sam and Staff at home bargains for their assistance in helping us purchase the toys as well as their donation of a case load of selection boxes for the Children.

There are so many Children living in care and poverty; we encourage you to contact your local Children’s Services team and donate what you can.