Metal Spraying Facility

Metal spraying is a process in which worn or corroded surfaces can be reclaimed. This is done through rebuilding the worn surface using a specialist technique involving thermal spraying of highly specified replacement material, following coating our technicians are then able to machine the surface back to size.

This process along with our ability to fabricate and weld previously damaged parts allows for a quicker turnaround and recondition of your motors as well as being a more cost effective method of repair.

Our metal spraying service comes as part of our promise to give you the very best repair service available and is used on any job big or small if necessary.

Machining Services

The many stable components of motors can become damaged over time, in order to combat this issue Neu-servo offer a full machining service that enables us to:

– Reclaim worn surfaces on all motors, in our experience this is especially significant with regard to pumps and submersibles.
– Manufacture new shaft components
– Perform motor housing repairs
– Offer custom welding facilities able to regenerate damaged motor components.

All this is done in a responsive manner designed to deliver you the best repair possible.