High Speed Spindle Repair

High power electro spindles have many machine tool applications including Milling, Drilling, Engraving and Routing.

They are part of the main cutting tool found in CNC machines commonly found in the vertical/horizontal axis due to their application.

Generally, they are a complex assembly comprising of many high dependency parts i.e. bearings, sensors and encoders.

Neu-Servo offers a complete machine tool spindle repair service inclusive of:

A state of the art automated testing facility providing:

• Electro Mechanical Spindle Repairs

• Mechanical spindle repairs

• Spindle Cartridge repairs

• Tail stock repairs

• Precision grinding of tapers and faces

• Driven tool rebuild

• Full draw bar pull test facility

• Automated test to measure distance of eject and runout to OEM tolerance.

• Compression testing on fluid systems

• Closed loop run testing facility to application conditions

• Full Vibration analysis and thermographic testing with every repair.

• G1 balancing

• Onsite team available for removal, installation and vibration analysis.

At Neu-Servo we have ensured both a reliable supplier base that allows us to acquire spare parts in a steadfast manner as well as a dismantle/assembly protocol; that not only allows for a quality repair but is also efficient on time.

This ensures that our customers receive quality spindle repairs promptly, maintaining a reduction in our customer downtime.

Neu-Servo repairs all manufacturer types, with every repair closed loop tested following repair under application conditions.

We monitor alignment, run out, vibration, and take thermographic readings to guarantee our repairs.

To complement this service Neu-Servo also offer a complete high frequency spindle drive repair service and site support services for removal and installation any spindles.