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December 19, 2019

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The end of year has been a busy one for the team at Neu-Servo.

One of Neu-Servo’s customers has wished to embark on a project to service their CNC’s back to a good working standard. Without action the machines in question were facing decommission. This would provide significant financial strain in the cost of replacement. Neu-Servo were able to provide a solution – REPAIR!

The project has begun with this first routing machine which is approximately 30 years old. The site team set to work – dismantled all serviceable parts such as the spindle, drives, servo motors, ball-screws, bed extensions and guarding to send to our Bromsgrove workshop.

All parts were serviced and repaired swiftly. All parts were serviced back to new with a 12 month guarantee! In unison with this work our site team serviced and cleaned all the mechanical and electrical aspects of the machine.

The site team then re-constructed the machine and performed repeatability checks as well as Laser alignment to ensure the machine was running effectively; providing repeatability and alignment to 0.1mm.

The result has left the company with a now reliable and accurate CNC for only a fraction of the price of a replacement.

If you are facing ageing machinery issues take a look at our Preventative maintenance service page: